Financial Planning

Financial planning is highly unique to your situation and goals. We work with our clients in various planning aspects, from daily cash flow management to making big decisions using risk/reward analysis. And when you’re ready, we will help you decide what you want your retirement to look like.

Walter and Keenan Wealth Management Services

Retirement Analysis

Walter & Keenan offers a comprehensive Retirement Analysis service that helps individuals plan for a secure financial future. The retirement analysis service covers all aspects of retirement planning, including the timing of retirement, the benefits individuals can expect to receive, the big decisions that must be made, income planning, tax efficiencies, and insurance benefits. With this service, clients will create a personalized retirement plan that addresses their unique financial situation, allowing them to retire with peace of mind.

Cash Flow Management

The Cash Flow Management service provided by Walter & Keenan helps individuals manage their money effectively, allowing them to achieve their financial goals. The cash flow management service involves:

  • Analyzing an individual’s income and expenses
  • Identifying areas where costs can be reduced
  • Creating a personalized budget that helps them manage their cash flow

This service also allows individuals to develop a savings plan that aligns with their financial goals, ensuring they have enough money to meet their future needs.

Long Term Risk/Reward Analysis

Long-term risk/reward analysis is a key service offered by Walter & Keenan, which helps individuals make informed investment decisions. With this service, clients will better understand the risks and rewards associated with different investment strategies, allowing them to make decisions that align with their long-term financial goals. This service considers a wide range of factors, including an individual's risk tolerance, investment horizon, and overall financial objectives, to create a personalized investment plan that maximizes long-term returns while minimizing risks.

Sale of Business & Liquidity Events

Walter & Keenan also works with business sales and liquidity events, which helps business owners plan for a smooth exit from their businesses. This service includes a detailed analysis of the business's financials, an evaluation of potential buyers, and the development of a comprehensive exit strategy. The goal is to help business owners achieve a successful sale or liquidity event while minimizing their tax liabilities and maximizing their financial returns. This service is particularly valuable for business owners nearing retirement and looking to sell their business to fund their retirement.

Our Approach

We take a customized, personal approach to managing your investments

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We take a comprehensive approach to help you plan for your future. To understand your wealth management needs we listen to what you want to accomplish, analyze your current financial strength and then build a personalized plan to help you reach your long term goals.

Take your financial future to new heights.

Our wealth management advisors can help you with our comprehensive suite of services designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today and let's start building your financial future.