Foundations & Endowments

Make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others

Your dedication to using your resources to help the world is inspiring. By embracing philanthropy, you have the power to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others. There are many ways to achieve your charitable goals. Two of the most popular are creating foundations or endowments to support your causes.

Walter & Keenan advisors can help you design an appropriate foundation or endowment to create a legacy for you and your family. We’ll work with your lawyers to ensure your foundation or entity is set up properly. We can assist your organization in adhering to governance guidelines, ensuring the long-term viability of your foundation or endowment. Our extensive experience ensures that your and your family’s contribution will have a lasting impact.

Walter and Keenan Wealth Management Services


Foundations and endowments have unique goals and objectives for growth that require specialized investment management. Our team has the expertise to help your organization achieve its specific growth targets. Whether you are looking to increase your asset base, generate income for charitable purposes, or grow your endowment for future generations, we can tailor our investment approach to meet your unique needs.

Administrative Services

Custodial and recordkeeping services

Custodial and recordkeeping services refer to the maintenance of financial and legal records, as well as the safekeeping of assets, on behalf of individuals, organizations, or institutions. These services can include maintaining transaction records, reconciling accounts, or providing tax reporting.

Gift and grant processing

Gift and grant processing refers to the administration of donations or funding. This may involve managing the application process, tracking the use of funds, and reporting on the impact of the gift or grant. Administrative functions are critical in ensuring proper management and accountability of financial resources.

Consulting & Strategy

At our firm, we understand that strategy is the key to success for any foundation or endowment seeking to achieve its goals. We help our clients get set up with investment policy formation, board governance, and donor gifting strategies. We also provide support to ensure that your organization stays compliant with legal requirements, and we work closely with experienced accountants and tax professionals to ensure that all financial reporting is accurate and meets the highest standards.

  • Investment policy formation
  • Board governance
  • Donor gifting strategies
  • Legal compliance counseling
  • Coordination with accountants and tax preparers for IRS filings and audits

Our Approach

We take a customized, personal approach to managing your investments

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We take a comprehensive approach to help you plan for your future. To understand your wealth management needs we listen to what you want to accomplish, analyze your current financial strength and then build a personalized plan to help you reach your long term goals.

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